3 Tips On Choosing A New Door For Your Home

Bifold-doorsBuilding or renovating your new home is an exciting process and as it develops and goes to plan, you are even closer to seeing your dream home emerge. One important aspect of building or renovating a property is the choice of doors and one piece of advice that we would give is never to underestimate the importance of making the right choice of door. Your choice of door is going to contribute both to the aesthetics of the property and the functionality of the area, so it’s important to get it right.

Here are 3 things to consider when choosing a door for your property:

Energy efficiency

A double glazed door and windows will lower the cost of your energy bills and depending on circumstances can even save you more energy than solar panels. Some people may think the initial cost of a double glazed door to be high but when the energy savings are factored in over time, they represent a good investment. Innovative designs and technology have improved the rating in aluminium doors which makes this a good material of choice.


Basically when you choose a door you have a choice of timber, PVC and aluminium. To reach a decision you’ll need to balance energy efficiency with aesthetics and lastly your budget. So called “cheap” doors and windows will not only look cheap but they won’t perform well either. They can also cheapen the look of your new home space or renovation. Aim for the best quality you can afford and adjust your budget to get the right balance of energy efficiency and aesthetics.

Access, functionality and view

Choosing the right style of door for your opening can be tricky. For example you could consider a bifold or sliding door for a wide opening. Bifold doors enable you to leave the opening totally clear but on the downside when the doors are closed your view will be interrupted by the division of the panels. With a sliding door, the opposite is the case. You won’t be able to open up the entire threshold but when you close the door there will be less interruption to your views.

Medium sized openings can still benefit from sliding or bifold doors but you may also want to consider French doors. These are an attractive feature to the home and can be as classic or modern as you like. Another possibility is a door that pivots and which can look simply amazing. However, they are impossible to screen so are not a good choice if you are bothered by insects.

Whatever choice you make there’s not a lot of point in having a beautiful door if you can’t make full use of it which is why it makes sense to consider the whole package of door and insect screen. If you are plagued by insects at your place then it’s important to factor a screen into your budget. We can design windows and doors which will give a complete face lift to your property as well as supply the perfect insect screen to match. So why not call us on 07 3807 3355 to see just what we can do for you.


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