3 Great Insect/Security Screen Styles To Improve The Look And Décor Of Your Home

retractable-door-screen-257x300Just imagine it’s a glorious day, the sun’s shining and you’re longing to throw open the windows and doors to let some fresh air into your home. The problem is that you can’t because if you do, then you’re likely to be inundated by unwelcome guests. No we’re not talking about that annoying neighbour who always calls uninvited, but instead we’re taking about insects. Sure, you can use a ton of insect repellent, but you’ll have to put up with the the pitiful buzzing of a plethora of dying flies as they gasp their last breath. Aside from this insect repellent is just plain nasty. As well as being harmful to the environment it can also be harmful to your health. So what’s the alternative? How about an insect screen?

Here are 3 types that will do a perfect job of keeping insects at bay, while letting the cool breezes circulate through. What’s more, the right insect screen will serve to enhance your home too .

Security Screen Door

When you think of security screen doors it might conjure up images of a solid steel door with a small peep hole in the centre. In reality this couldn’t be further from the truth. Nowadays security doors come in a wide variety of styles and designs and are made with reinforced steel and use a super-strong fine mesh system which can let airflow through the house while keeping unwanted insects and guests out. Manufactured specifically to fit in with the design of your home, they’re a popular choice in porch-ways.

Retractable screens

The great thing about retractable screens is that they’re ideal for people who don’t particularly like the look of insect screens but appreciate their usefulness. They come in many sizes and can either be manually retracted using a rope and pulley system, or alternatively, you can opt for the super-duper remote control variety. When they’re fully retracted they fit snugly into slimline housing, so you see no ugly boxes bolted to the outside of your wall and as such they won’t ruin the look of your house. They can also be made to fit a wide variety of windows and doors.

Patio enclosures

For those who really love to embrace the great outdoors, then a patio enclosure might be the perfect accompaniment. It allows you to chill out, dine al-fresco or take in the sun while keeping insects out. Patio enclosures can be built as big or small as you like and also utilise mesh that filters harmful UV rays giving you the opportunity to enjoy only the very best parts of being outside.

So there you have it, 3 great ways to enhance your home with insect screens and doors. If you live in Brisbane or the surrounding areas and are thinking about having insect or security screens installed then you might want to speak to the professionals. At Down Under Insect Screens and Security we have decades of experience within the industry. Why not contact us on 07 3807 3355 and speak to our highly skilled team about your specific needs.

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